Chart and Graphs

Charts and graphs are an excellent way to represent data, in this lessons we will know some common types of charts and graphs.

Bar Charts.

A bar chart or (bar graph) is a chart that represents data using bars of different heights.

A bar chart sample
A bar chart sample.

Pie Charts.

Pie charts are very good charts to represent data, particularly when we need to compare more than one value.

A pie chart sample.
A pie chart sample.

More details : Pie charts

Tally Charts

A tally chart is an efficient way to collect and represent data quickly, tally charts are very simple to use.

A tally chart sample.
A tally chart sample.


A pictogram sample.
A pictogram sample.

Line Graphs

A line graph is a good way to represent values of something over time.

A line graph sample.
A line graph simple.