Pie Charts

Pie charts are very good charts to represent data, particularly when we need to compare between more than one value.

Eg. you might draw pie chart to your monthly budget to know where your money go.

A pie chart
A pie Chart

Here are simple steps to draw a pie chart:

1. Write your data as fractions.

Eg. you have 200 students, 50 of them are under 18, 100 of them are 19-20 and 50 are 20+.
So the fractions here will be 50/200 100/200 50/200 (you can simplify them if you find that easier)

2. Get the angle of each value.

Since you have fraction for each value multiply it by 360, for our example we have to multiply 50/200 by 360 (for under 18), do that for all fraction to get the angles.

3. Check before you draw

Add up all angles, the total should be 360 or a number nearby to that (if you round the angles)

4. Draw your chart

once you done cheeking the values, draw a circle by the size you wish, then draw a line from the center to the circumference (the circle border).

then draw your first angle from this line, and keep going like that for all angles to get a complete pie chart.

5. Label your chart.

Don’t forget to add a title to your chart, and label each part of the chart -Coloring is really helpful to pie chart.

And that’s it, you got your pie chart.

Another example of a good pie chart:

Example of a pie chart
Another example of a pie chart.