Positive and Negative Numbers

Negative and positive numbers

Positive (+) and Negative (-) numbers.

Clear Examples On How to Order and Compare Positive & Negative ...

What are positive numbers?

Positive numbers are the numbers that’s bigger than 0. Any number that doesn’t have the negative sign (-) is a positive number.

What are negative numbers?

To explain negative numbers, let me use this story as an example, Emma has got £20 in her pocket, she went on a trip with her school and spent all the money she has. After she spent all the money, she saw a toy that she liked, Emma asked her friend Jack to lend her £5 so she can buy the toy.

If I asked you now, how much money does Emma have? Well, let’s break that down, Emma had £20 then spent all of them. So far she has got £0 left. Then she borrowed £5 from her friend. So she spent all the money and she needs to return £5 to her friend. So she has (-£5).

Negative numbers are number that’s smaller than 0. When you keep going down in numbers and then you realise that you reached 0 but you need to keep going down, you use negative numbers.

Is Zero positive or negative?

zero is neither positive nor negative, zero is used to represent nothing (no money in Emma’s case). So it’s a number that’s’ located between the positive and negative numbers,